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Rum and Cigars

“You look like you could use a cigar” the bartender says. I probably DO look like I could use a cigar. The sun is setting at Grand Cayman’s Karoo,  casting pink and gold reflections on the window panes. I’m sitting at the bar, but have been eyeing a handsome man sitting outside at a small table.  To … Continue reading

Date Night

There’s nothing like going on a fabulous date. Now I know we’ve all been on some bad ones. However, this summer I’m tipping my hat to another kind. There’s one little gem who will never fail you. She’ll never make you wait, and she’ll always leave you asking for a second encounter, then a third, … Continue reading

What is a Pasty?

What is a Pasty?

We know that Brooklyn boasts a colorful palate of gourmet delights. Now that comfort food is making a comeback, foodies crave something hot and filling in the winter months. However, one will have to walk far to find The Cornish Pasty Co. because it’s located in Tempe Arizona; definitely gives the southwestern something to brag … Continue reading

Who is Skinnyfatchic?

She’s skinny, she’s fat, whats up with that? Actually, Elina just is a half Mexican chicana who, like the majority of you, loves food. While coming from an eclectic cultural background, she’s managed to secure a spot in Williamsburg Brooklyn, where dining is anything but just that. How does one maintain an active lifestyle, dancing, … Continue reading